Romanische Buchillustration im 20. Jahrhundert

GEL 36 GEL 27
2001 / ყდა: Hardcover / 219 გვ. / 30.2 x 21.2.
GEL 27
ძველი ფასი
GEL 36

დეტალური აღწერა:

Böhlau Cologne


"The Böhlau publishing house can be congratulated for its commitment. In rapid succession, the Cologne publishing house published eight carefully designed illustrated books from 1993 to this day, documenting Criter's collection. The book series is intended to take a" global journey "through the illustrated world of books by Europe and overseas are invited. ... prominent employees could be won over who, in addition to the detailed bibliographical information and a consistently appealing, comprehensible picture description, offer a brief introduction to the content of the illustrated book and briefly point out the importance of the illustrator and the text author. With the large number of text editors, the exemplary uniformity of the descriptions should be emphasized, this is certainly due to the publisher, but also due to the careful editing at Böhlau-Verlag, which deserves its own praise for the almost error-free texts and the appealing design of the two volumes at hand. In both volumes, it was fascinating to document the sensual interweaving of text and image. The ups and downs of the culture of the illustrated book are clearly highlighted. In this way, the illustrated books become reading and display books that demonstrate the multifaceted nature of the Kritter collection. "Gerhard Römer, Marginalien, Zeitschrift für Buchkunst und Bibliographie, H. 164, 01.12.01